Chickens to l'ast in The Prat of Llobregat by commission

We are the Rostisseria - brasería of Chickens to l'ast of reference in The Prat of Llobregat. Our long experience and our satisfied clients give us the reason: Have the best chickens to l'ast, rabbits, knuckles, canelones and home-made croquettes so that you do not have to concern you to prepare the lunch for this meeting or special occasion. They see and check it!


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It discovers the variety that offer you. It saws it is much more that chickens to l'ast!
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Chickens to l'ast of all the life

In Rostisseria Sierra spend years serving chickens to l'ast, and a lot of other delicious dishes.
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Llama to the 93 478 69 50, open Saturdays of 9 to 14:30 and Sundays and festive of 9 to 15:30 h. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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