Chickens to l'ast of all the life

Pollos a l'ast de toda la vida
In Rostisseria Sierra spend years serving chickens to l'ast, and a lot of other delicious dishes.
Our long experience, and the confidence and fidelity of our clients endorse us like the Rostisseria of chickens to l'ast of reference in The Prat of Llobregat.

You can commission Chickens to l'ast, rabbits, knuckles, canelones and home-made croquettes calling to our telephone 93 478 69 50 and come and pick them by our rostisseria. In her you will be able to find a lot of more variety to be able to complement the dishes for your meetings and special occasions eat: Variety of salads, ensaladillas, potatoes to the brasa, escalivada and much more, Call us to the 93 478 69 50 to ask what have for today!

And if no, it remembers that you can go through our Rostisseria in The Prat of Llobregat in Square Louis Braile, 23 and do your commission right there. We are open Saturdays, Sundays and festive - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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